Which knive to choose?

We want to offer knives as well as the necessary equipment for each position in the kitchen. For now, a sneak peak of what we are preparing, soon to develop each item.


Blade coves

We produce 2 types of casings. First of all, we sew Codura casings – a waterproof material with high abrasion resistance. Secondly, we offer thin PVC bent sheaths.



All aprons have two tie straps at a length of 100 cm each. The adjustable neck strap is 70cm long. Dimentions: h:90cm w: 70cm wideness of the top part: 30cm length of tie straps: 2x 100cm lenght of neck strap:…


Chef’s jacket

At the moment we offer one cut in long-sleeved white jacket. The cuffs are 10cm, the whole thing is fastened with 10 ball buttons. The jacket was made of polycotton with a weight of 165g/m2. On the left sleeve there…